The Globalized Millennial is an opinion site launched in 2019 by Zach Phil Schwartz, M.A., a fledgling historian of international institutions and international politics wonk.

In recent years, younger people have found their voices in almost all sectors of society, except in policy. At the start of the 116th United States Congress, 27 out of 435 members of the House of Representatives–just 6.2%–were either born in or after 1981,* a commonly accepted starting year for the Millennial generation. This is an especially low percentage given the sheer number of young people in the country; in 2018, The Brookings Institution noted that Millennials make up nearly 25% of the general U.S. population. Worrisome at best, the absence of Millennials in positions to create and enact policy speaks to a wider problem: ideas enacted for the future of domestic and international policy are missing the voices of those who will inherit this world.

This blog seeks to foster an environment of ideas generated by young people with focus on issues pertinent to the collective future of the world, particularly within the spheres of domestic politics, international politics, and the wider net of foreign affairs. The goal of The Globalized Millennial is to create dialogue and to serve as a breeding ground for ideas for a future together.

Submissions are welcome; please email theglobalizedmillennial@gmail.com.

Notice on partisanship: The Globalized Millennial is a non-partisan platform for ideas, and all are welcome to share their voice on topics pertinent to the blog’s subject areas.

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*Statistics on age of members of 116th Congress courtesy the Congressional Biographical Directory, available here.